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Everything starts on the Monday before a match, with coaches exchanging each team’s rosters and preliminary scratches (kids that will not be attending the match). On Wednesday the host team will do a preliminary run through the matches using a software program that calculates the best possible matches for each wrestler based on age, weight, and experience. The program does a good job for the first run through but there is a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure each wrestler gets at least 2 matches. We then email the preliminary data to the coaches.

Then every Thursday after our practice, our coaches have a conference call with the other team’s coaches. We go through any additional scratches and kids that need to either leave early or arrive late. 

We start going through the rosters looking at each wrestler making sure they have the best possible matches and that each wrestler has a least two matches. Depending on how the teams compare, some wrestlers could end up with 3 or 4 matches to make sure that everyone has at least 2 matches. There are some cases where a second match just can't be made (and worst case no matches can be made) but we do our best. This process can take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours. That means that every Thursday night during the season we are up until about midnight making sure your kids can wrestle on Saturday. 

If we are the host team, we will spend another hour arranging the match numbers making accommodations for the wrestlers that leave early or arrive late, making sure that the matches are spaced apart enough to allow time to rest between matches and lastly to make sure that, if you are working a score table, that your son will wrestle on that mat. The final results of all this work is then emailed to the other coaches and printed. 

But if at any time after Thursday's practice you decide you will not be attending the match or forget that you need to leave by 11am to play Basketball or Soccer you have taken 4 or 5 hours of work that at least 6 people have done and thrown it out the window. It is an unwieldy task to make changes on a Saturday morning before wrestling starts to ensure that the child who was supposed to wrestle your child has at least 2 matches. It is also very difficult to try and move matches so you can leave early. Because not only do we need to find another opponent for that wrestler, we need to make sure that there is enough time between matches for the wrestler that is now picking up the slack. And if we don't have someone that can fill in for your child, we have to go to a coach from the team and ask if they have anyone that can fill in for your child. 

The worst case scenario is that no one can take the matches for your child and the kids that drove to the meet and their parents and their friends that have come to see them wrestle will have done all this for nothing.

As you can see it takes many hours during the week to make Saturday morning happen. As an organization, we can be very accommodating to your schedules and even do the best we can to accommodate your child's participation in another sport. All we ask of you is that, when possible, you give us the courtesy of advanced notice when your child will not be able to participate.


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