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As a parent, guardian, or coach of a child who is being permitted to participate in the Phoenixville Youth Wrestling Club, I agree that I will observe the following Code of Conduct. I further understand that if I fail to observe this Code, or engage in any other acts that are detrimental or injurious to the club, my child may be suspended or dismissed from participation in the program. 

1. Phoenixville Youth Wrestling Club and my child's coaches shall ensure that the wrestlers on their team, and wrestlers on other teams, are provided a positive atmosphere in which they can safely learn and enjoy the sport of wrestling. Phoenixville Youth Wrestling Club and the coaches will reinforce the importance of sportsmanship, and observance of the rules of the sport and I will support the club and coaches in their efforts to implement these principles and instill these values in their players.

2. Every member of the team is encouraged to voice support and encouragement for each child and to applaud their performances in an appropriate manner, regardless of their team. 

3. It is inappropriate to berate, use inappropriate language, direct verbal abuse toward, or engage in heated or extended argument with any child, wrestler, coach, referee, team official, parent, or relative of any other wrestler. Any person who cannot conform to these requirements may be suspended or dismissed from the event or from the program. 

4. No person shall direct aggressive behavior or physical violence toward any person, coach or official at a club-sanctioned event. Phoenixville Youth Wrestling Club exhibits a zero tolerance policy and will employ any means necessary to enforce this including the use of police support. 

5. Every person is expected to affirmatively support the coaches and officials in their efforts to provide an organized and enjoyable experience for the children participating in our program. 

6. Dual meet attendance is critical and each parent/guardian shall assure that their child is present and on time for all dual meets which he or she is participating. If a child cannot be present or will be late for a dual meet the parent shall call the PYWC Hot Line (610-308-5401) to ensure that the coaches are informed sufficiently in advance for them to make appropriate plans. Parents shall not tell coaches or rely on other parents or friends to convey attendance information to the club. 

7. Parents are encouraged to communicate any observations, suggestions, or concerns to the club at a suitable time and place. Please refrain from distracting the coaches while members are wrestling, as each child deserves the full attention and support of the coaches while they compete. Concerns regarding the coaches can be directed to the Head Coach, President, or any Board member. 

8. Kids are expected to be kids and to have fun, but they must listen and be respectful of the parents, coaches and officials. Each wrestler shall demonstrate good sportsmanship and must shake hands with his/her opponent at the conclusion of each bout, regardless of the outcome. 

9. Where there is an officiating issue, the coaching staff shall be the only ones to interact with the referee. Parents shall refrain from challenging or questioning the calls from the official. If a score or call is in question, it shall be handled in accordance with the rules, and the coach shall request a conference with the referee at the scoring table. Coaches shall not question or discuss calls from the corner, but will do so with respect at the scoring table as required.


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